This Blog is about the state of permanent beta

In a one fine day, I randomly walked into a bookstore and found this book: Startup of You. Instantly, I got caught into an interesting idea of permanent beta – a paradigm of keep evaluating yourself and adapting in our world. It is essential because we can’t rely to our plan anymore.

The world is constantly changing, and we are racing with it. Some of the knowledges, tools, and methodologies that we know once will become obsolete. So does our plan of using it. The key capabilities that we should have is learning. Constantly learning, applies it, and fight to win the race.

This blog is basically my learning experience of things that I have learned and applied. I love learning new things by reading a book, attending courses, and interact with interesting people and getting a new sights from it.

About Me

Brahmasta Adipradana. Love to learn. Interested in technology, design, people and management. Studied Computer Science & Information System in Bandung Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technological University. Living in Singapore, born in Indonesia.